59º Podcast: Erik de Jong & Arctic Sailing

10 Jan

Erik de Jong designed and built his own 52′ steel boat for Arctic expeditions. It’s called ‘Bagheera’, and you can go sailing with him! Erik was super cool to talk to – he and I have a lot in common, having grown up sailing with our dads. Erik has always known he’s wanted to design boats since he was a little kid, and followed that dream. He now lives in Halifax working most of the year for a shipbuilding firm, handling engineering and business contracts, and sails for 4 months in the summer on ‘Bagheera’ up to Greenland and the Arctic.

This article was syndicated from 59 North, Ltd.


  1. Janet Whitesides

    Dear SailFeed and/or Andy and Mia,

    I made a deposit this summer to sail with Eric de Jong next year, 2015. He emailed last in Aug. But recent attempts to contact him have failed: his website is down and so is the email address. Are you sure this guy really exists? I hope I have not been scammed.

    Thank you,
    Janet Whitesides

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