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7 Dec
Fun, right?

A big reason for writing this blog was to document work on my own boat. Here are links to all the posts about DIY repair and building things. Keep in mind that the way I did a repair is not necessarily the ‘right’ way to do it! This was especially true early on in the process.


Building A Cockpit Sole:

Pt. 1: Getting Started
Pt. 2: Laying Fiberglass
Pt. 3: Fairing Mistakes

Repairing Rotten Deck Core:

Pt. 1: Anatomy of a Water-Damaged Deck
Pt. 2: Repairing and Sealing Minor Damage
Pt. 3: Replacing the Core I
Pt. 4: Replacing the Core II

Repairing Major Keel Damage:

Pt. 1: Prep
Pt. 2: Glassing

Patching Holes in a Fiberglass Hull:

(Note: These three posts were early on in the process, and are not necessarily to be taken as good advice.)
Pt. 1: Prepping Old Through-hulls for Filling
Pt. 2: A Few Lessons Learned
Pt. 3: Filling Minor Repair Voids
Pt. 4: Fairing


Repairing An Outboard Motor Well

How To Make A Fiberglass Tube The Hard Way

Sealing Holes in a Cored Deck

Bedding Hardware In A Cored Deck

Molding A Simple Fiberglass Cover

A Simple Water Tank Installation

Epoxy Repair: A Few Useful Links

Building A Darkroom Sink


Replacing Chainplates:

Pt. 1: This Is Not What A Chainplate Should Look Like!
Pt. 2: Choosing Your Materials
Pt. 3: Cutting and Drilling
Pt. 4: Polishing
Pt. 5: Video
Pt. 6: Installing

Dynex Dux Synthetic Rigging:

Pt.1: Background
Pt. 2: Stepping the Mast
Pt. 3: Synthetic Rigging, Traditional Meets Modern
Pt. 4: Life Expectancy of Synthetic Rigging

Synthetic Lifelines, Pt. 1
Synthetic Lifelines, Pt. 2


Repairing Damaged Rubrails
Woodburning Decoration
Doors for the Cockpit Lockers


Building Blocks Of Monitored Electrical System
Fixing Water-Damaged Electronics


Occasionally Great Stuff!: Cheating With Expanding Foam

Beefing Up A Cheap LED Tricolor

Hose Clamp Basics

 Pt. 1: The Below-The-Waterline Surprise That Nearly Sunk My Boat
 Pt. 2: The Below-The-Waterline Surprise That Nearly Sunk My Boat

Repairing Leaky Fuel Tanks:

Pt. 1: Finding the Holes
Pt. 2: Fiberglassing the Tanks

Flat-Top Winches: Repair and Overhaul Pt. 1
Flat-Top Winches: Repair and Overhaul Pt. 2

Sail Repair For Idiots

My Easy Mast-Mount Downwind Pole

Sheet-To-Tiller Self-Steering

A Good Place For Free Tools

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