Amazing Black and White Underwater Images

5 Nov

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Speckled Moray Eel, New Zealand (above)

These images come from cruising friend Jessica Rousseau, who has this to say about them:

“This selection of underwater images was taken in several different locations: Caribbean, New Zealand, Fiji, Mexico and South Minerva reef, (an atoll between NZ and Fiji). I chose to use black and white as an experiment to see if the impact of the underwater world was any less without its myriad colours. I found that monochrome allows you to experience an image with more feeling because of not being bombarded with an array of vivid colours. When viewing something in black and white we are treated with a more sensual variety of tones and textures. Instead of feeling like the image is leaping off the page at you, you feel more like you want to dive into the image.”

You can see more on her website:

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Yellow-Eyed Mullet, New Zealand

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Jelly Fish, St. Barth’s

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Jelly Fish, St. Barth’s

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Trevally, New Zealand

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Snapper, New Zealand

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Trevally, New Zealand

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Spotted Dolphin, Mexico

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Goat Fish, New Zealand

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Jelly Fish, St. Barth’s

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Soft Coral, New Zealand

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Gem Nudibranch, New Zealand

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Yellow Moray Eel, New Zealand

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Clown Nudibranch, New Zealand

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Sandager’s Wrasse, New Zealand

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Grey Reef Shark, Fiji

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White Tip Reef Shark, Minerva Reef

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Spotted Dolphin, Mexico

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Wandering Anemone, New Zealand

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Sting Ray, St. Barth’s

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Sandager’s Wrasse, New Zealand

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  1. Marg Rousseau

    Having seen most of these amazing pics in colour I can appreciate the different qualities that the black and white images produce. I’m loving the patterns produced in several of the pics!

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