1. Louis Cohen

    The skipper and the surfers were lucky that the boat didn’t come down on top of a surfer, who would have been maimed.

    I don’t think the boat would have made it the other way, coming in on a following sea. And the guy who isn’t in the cockpit? Bad move – he’s lucky he stayed on the boat.

  2. Tim Hammond

    Wow. I wonder what the boat is. It looks very much like a Sparkman & Stephens Yankee 30. If that’s the case, she’s definitely a boat capable of punching out of surf like that without a problem.

  3. Edony Elder

    Punch THEIR way!!! Of course they can punch THEIR way through the waves. I have sailed through heavy seas out of Oceanside, CA when the sailboat completely disappeared on the other side of the waves as they were so high. Couldn’t even see the top of the mast but then out it came, over the top of the next wave. The key is to always sail the boat INTO the wave, not alongside as that would turn the boat over on its side. Seen that happen too.

  4. soupysayles

    Happy to see this. Been curious if a sailboat could punch there way thru surf like that. Looks like he did it fairly easy. I go in & out over a bar that can produce a sneaker, (rogue wave) at any time.I would have been saying a prayer for sure.

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