59 Degrees North Podcast #7: Donald Street

26 Oct

The LEGENDARY Donald Street in person! I first met Don at the Annapolis Sailboat Show in 2010 when Mia and I had Arcturus on display with Colligo Marine. Don gave me some pointers on the yawl rig, and we hit it off right from the start. He’s been the biggest influence on my sailing life since I started reading his books as a kid. Don and I sat down in the small apartment above the Weems & Plath shop in Eastport last week and chatted for almost an hour and a half about his sailing history, his chartwork, his philosophies and everything else he wanted to talk about. And the man can talk! He’s in his mid-eighties, but still has the energy of a 20-year-old and is still out there speaking, writing guidebooks and sailing his Dragon in Ireland. Check him out online at www.street-iolaire.com.


This article was syndicated from sailing blog - 59 North, Ltd.


  1. Brian Cool

    Just a started tuning in. Gotta say man, pretty entertained and I’ll be it, jealous. What was the celestial nav. book Donald referred to at the end? I’d like to add it to my collection. Keep it up and thanks.

  2. Mucho Arigato

    This was a fantastic interview. Mr. Street sounds like he’s got enough experience/tips/stories in his head to fill 10 podcast interviews. I’d love to learn more about the Caribbean in that era when he first moved to St. Thomas. Such a good episode.

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