59 Degrees North #2 & #3: Matt Rutherford

27 Sep

It’s been all over SAILfeed here, the story of Matt Rutherford’s encounter with the abandoned Swan 48 Wolfhound and his subsequent attempt at salvaging her.  Here it now from the man himself, on the second installment of my ‘59 Degrees North‘ podcast. Episode 3 is also Matt, discussing the specifics of his first Ocean Research Project expedition to study the Atlantic Garbage Patch with scientist Nicole Trenholm onboard the Colvin 44 Ault . Enjoy!

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  1. Lee

    After hearing of all Matt’s valiant attempts to bring fuel and batteries back and forth, I have to wonder if he could have just jury rigged a sail for the trip back to bermuda. Engine and electrical are not needed to sail, and the Swan 48 has an emergency tiller if there were any steering issues.

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