Borneo passage days

18 Aug

We do have our fair share of squalls (really, it’s a daily event) but most of the time we have spent making our way from one part of Borneo to another has been mild and mellow. We aren’t catching any fish, but we aren’t trying hard- the fishfinder (the best cheap depth sounder you can buy!) rarely shows anything but the bottom, a mere 30-50 feet below. Crossing a river outflow can be the most exciting part of the day.

crazy river outflows

That’s OK with me. There are hours to read in the shade of the cockpit.

passage reading

We have picked up small friends. The one hung out on Niall’s book for a long time one morning. Bonus points for anyone who can identify the book.

What doesn’t feature in coastal Borneo passagemaking? Wind you can sail with! Usually there isn’t any, but when there is, it’s on the nose. Of course.
upwind to Kuching

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