America’s Cup: 3 For 3!

19 Aug

Well, I guess today wasn’t the day we’d see a complete Louis Vuitton Trophy Finals race. After a sort of interesting, and at least close, start (if Luna Rossa had pulled the trigger just a second earlier they might have been first to the first turning mark), Race 3 of the LV Final ended when Luna Rossa suffered (yet) another breakdown.

The onboard mics delivered the inside perspective, and it wasn’t too surprising. “Oh my God!” you could hear Luna Rossa helmsman Chris Draper exclaim in frustration.

And then, to add emphasis to the lameness, the second race of the day (Race 4 of the Final) was postponed to–you guessed it–too much wind.

Despite all that, the truncated race seemed to show that if the Italians can raise their boathandling (the second downwind gybes–a perfect foiler from ETNZ and a clunker from LR–was a perfect measure of where the two crews are), they might actually have the boat speed to keep a race close.

So the Italian job list seems pretty simple.

Item 1: Try to deliver a boat that can finish to the start line.

Item 2: Sail that boat better.

We can hope, can’t we?


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