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6 Jul

Probably the single biggest reason that we like Portland over our hometown in Minnesota so much, is the neighborhoods. Sidewalks, unique homes, tons of flowers, one-off restaurants, antique vehicles, cars that stop and wait for you to arrive at crosswalks, parks all over the place, towering trees, local pubs, and the list goes on. North-East Portland, where my mom lives, is five minutes from the center of downtown yet feels like a small-town neighborhood. It’s always a great place to unwind after a year in Mexico.

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Today we went down to the Hollywood Saturday Market where we were able to replenish the kids supply of fruit (they eat pounds of berries a day—like bear cubs) as well as score two of Ouest’s favorite things in the world—pork tamales and a cold glass of horchada. We’re finding as much authentic Mexican food and drink here as we do back home.

We usually pick out Ouest’s main outfit for the day, but the accoutrements are all hers and are largely pulled out of the dress-up bin. Lately she’s been wearing an apron over her clothes, as well as a tiara and even these dangly clip-on earrings. And she doesn’t go anywhere any more without that pink purse full of treasures. She spends all day “keeping her eyes peeled” for treasure, and it’s surprising how often she finds coins on the ground.

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