Just a Trim

16 Jul

We brought our camera in for a cleaning and check-up (just like going to the dentist) and have now felt completely naked and uninterested in my surroundings for 36 hours. Will have it back in the morning just in time to document a trip to the library. Phew.

Not much happening around here. The weather has been gorgeous so we’ve been spending a lot of time at the parks around town—and Portland has a lot of parks. The kids have been playing better together every single day that goes by, and Ouest has slowly started taking on the big sister role a bit more. It’s almost possible to envision the day that we take them to the park and they run off to play without us. Almost.

The kids have also been incredibly lovey-dovey lately. Lowe goes downstairs in the morning and runs right to Grammy to give her hugs and kisses. At night, after bath time, it’s Ouest’s turn to lay it on her. Throughout the day Ouest announces at the most random times that she loves us and Lowe will give up kisses any time now too. And man, our buddy Nick is pretty much molested whenever he stops by. Hopefully this is all just a reflection of the love that they are feeling from everyone around them.

We took Ouest to the mall today to get her haircut. She is three-and-a-half now and has only had two trims from Ali, refusing anything else. Today was no different. We got outside the salon and she planted herself on the floor. “Never!” she cried. We eventually got her inside to have a look at the booster chair and the animal cape and all the rest, but she was having none of it. We haven’t been pushing her on this, but have been letting her know that her rat’s nest really could do with a trim. Some days she is slightly responsive to the idea and others it’s, “Nope, never.” My balls-to-the-wall girl who is seemingly up for anything is somehow afraid of getting her ends trimmed.

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