Gearing Up

24 Jul

Ouest, Grammy, and I went off to the rink again today. Another month and I’d have her tearing up the ice. That will have to wait until another time though as I am gearing up for my return to Bumfuzzle tomorrow. I’m headed back to San Carlos with loads of boat gear, getting the boat ready in a day or two and then sailing south to Mazatlan where Ali and the kids will join me for the summer. We’ve rented a house in the Old Town to help us ride out the heat while exploring a town that we’ve really learned to enjoy the past couple of years.  I’ll do as much boat work as I can before they arrive and then pop on out to the boat whenever I can this summer in the vague hope of having the boat fully cruiser friendly by next season.

Leaving the kids is getting harder and harder—even if for only a few days. At a hundred random times today Ouest told me she didn’t want me to go. I’m not looking forward to the airport drop-off in the morning. Lowe doesn’t care now, but the morning after I’ve left he’ll care when he can’t find anybody to chase him around the kitchen and living room at seven a.m. I’m gonna miss ‘em.

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