America’s Cup Sleight Of Hand: AC72 Vs. Kiteboard

18 Jul

I guess when you aren’t generating much excitement from the racing that’s supposed to be happening (but isn’t), you have to find other ways to amuse the world.

This does a nice job of that, but it is also a reminder that the America’s Cup so far is not about America’s Cup racing:


  1. Larry Levin

    Interesting comments. I, like many sailors, have mixed feelings about the paradigm shift of the AC cup. As of a couple of months ago I started feeling like team NZL was far ahead of the other teams and watching the first few races lhas confirmed that with the exception of the US team. I think Peyron had it right when he expressed his concern, several months ago, that foiling 72 foot cats created the potential for a disappointing set of matches due to the possibility that one boat might prove to be superior in getting up on the foils and maintaining foiling speeds. Team NZL appears to have achieved exactly that. So the actual racing may prove to be quite boring for experienced racing sailors.

    Having said that I still applaud the efforts of the cup organizers to showcase the excitement of .competitive racing to the general public.
    I think the racing in the AC 45s was very exciting. I felt it was a mistake to move to the 72s for the same reasons as Peyron, not to mention the marked expense which resulted in the lmajority of teams dropping
    out of the big boat competition.

    But let’s give the cup organizers some credit for creating a great race course close to shore, a world tour series, upgrading on the course judging, creating boundaries to prevent boats from taking “flyers”, and providing great video coverage particularly the on boat cameras during the AC World series.

    Personally, I much prefer the new venue, the shorter races, and the use of the AC 45 cats to the older monohull format. I think it was worthwhile to try the AC 72s but I wish they had kept all the racing in the 45s.

    Will this play out like the Volvo 70s did- with a lot of criticism and controversy after the first series followed by a success story with the second Volvo racing circuit? Well, we’ll just have to wait and see what develops.
    In the meantime, we ought to cut these guys some slack and lay off all the trash talk for now. Ultimately, we may all be pleasantly surprised in the end.

    Larry Levin

  2. Kate Morgan

    Sailed to NZ from UK to watch 2003 cup. Brilliant few months of racing with an amazing atmosphere. Whole city had a buzz.
    Watched ETNZ vs Luna Rosa in SF on Saturday. Was so bored left half way through and there was absolutely no atmosphere with the most ridiculous ignorant commentary on the big screen that I have ever heard at a sailing event.
    The sailors may enjoy but as a spectator sport it’s deadly. No dial up, no spinakkers, no gybes, just fast boats going up and down. I was never into watching drag racing.
    Please please ETNZ win it and return it to an exciting monohull regatta, not the current monkey shot which is failing miserably!

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