6 – 3 = $3 Million

10 Jul


So’s I got together with a few of my Facebook friends to hang out and wait for the America’s Cup International Jury to deliver a verdict that likely will be Solomonic. As in, “Go ahead, slice the baby in two, and slice mama too, if she objects.”

In the midst of our revelry, the San Francisco Business Times arrived on ye olde device, with a piece by Eric Young, reminding us that Louis Vuitton’s contract with the America’s Cup entitles it to a refund of $1 million for every participating team short of six. Your second grader can do the arithmetic. And Vuitton wants the dough.

It’s true, as the quoted ACEA spokesperson says, there is nothing new here. But the timing of the publicity now would be, I infer, not accidental.

And it’s perhaps not the final subtraction?


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