Walking the Waterfront

6 Jun

The Santa Rosalia malécon. I’m loving this town and having a hard time figuring out why no other cruisers have shown up. The marina is empty despite the fact that 9 out of 10 Sea of Cortez cruisers are hauling out or leaving their boats in San Carlos—just seventy-five miles away—in the next month or so. We’ve only been here a few days but I think Santa Rosalia is now my favorite town in Baja. At least as far as cruising towns go.

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Seriously, what the hell is this Mad Max contraption?

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I’m not sure what they call this old building—the smelter, maybe—but it was pretty darn cool of them to leave it up and to leave it completely open to trespassers like us. Some things you would just never see in the States, this is one of them. Right on the main highway through town, rusty catwalks, loose brick, and not a soul around. If the kids were ten I would leave them there all day with five bucks in their pockets for ice cream across the street.

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I hear food blogs are all the rage with the kids these days, so… well… here goes nothing.

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  1. Carolyn Shearlock

    When we were cruising the Sea, the huge influx of cruisers into Santa Rosalia happens just after the 4th of July. So they’ll get there . . . you’re just ahead of the crowd!

    And don’t miss the hot dog guy in front of the “Eiffel” church . . . famous the length of Baja! Opens at about 7 each night.

  2. Tammy

    RODLMAO! You’re really on a roll with this one! Your Cruiser Powers are full on! Thanks for the laugh and can you give us a little more on the “Mad Max” contraption? I’m curious!

    You know I named my blog what I did just to tweak you, right?


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