Percian (Non)Profundity

25 Jun

Or how not to market sailing (or anything else). If I didn’t know better I’d say this was satire:

But no, this is a serious marketing campaign from Alfred Dunhill, a British luxury sporting goods brand.

Let’s wallow a little more in the gooey cheesiness:

Man at Sea is the latest of Alfred Dunhill’s ‘Portraits of Achievement’.

An ode to the sea and one man’s life long passion for sailing on it, Man at Sea follows Iain Percy OBE, British Sailor and Olympic Champion. Setting sail from Lymington in the New Forest district of Hampshire in the yacht Strega, Iain tackles the wind and the waves on The Solent strait between the Isle of Wight and the mainland England.

“The boat suddenly becomes weightless and you’re surfing. You almost become mesmerised as you catch the next wave and the wave after”
– Iain Percy

Almost as good (by which I mean: bad, laughable) as this classic:


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