North Atlantic Match Race

28 Jun

June and July is North Atlantic record-breaking season.

Just 10 days after Francis Joyon set the outright solo crossing record aboard IDEC, not one, but two, Open 60 sailors are attempting to snag the solo monohull NYC-Lizard crossing record (which, oddly, does not appear to be an official WSSRC category), which is currently held by Britain’s Alex Thompson, aboard Hugo Boss, at 8 days,  21 hours, 8 minutes.

Sailor #1 is Marc Gillemot, aboard the Open 60 Safran. Sailor #2 is Zbigniew Gutkowski, aboard the Open 60 Energa.

Both took off yesterday, and after 12 hours Safran was slightly ahead of Energa (and both were hanging in with Thomson’s pace):

You can track Safran here. And Gutkowski here (he generously includes Safran on his tracker so you can see how the two sailors are doing relative to one another).

So settle in for a good three-way over the next week. Maybe another record is about to drop.


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