Joyon On The Hunt

13 Jun

It’s been a while. But the best solo record-setting sailor of his generation (and maybe ever) is out on the Atlantic, gunning for another title. If Joyon, aboard his trimaran IDEC, sets a new record from NYC to the English Channel, he will hold every major solo speed-sailing crown at the same time: RTW; 24-hour; Atlantic (East-West); and Atlantic (West-East).

The mark that Joyon is trying to beat–5 days, 19 hours, 30 minutes–is held by Thomas Coville on Sodebo, and was set in 2008. To succeed, Joyon is being forced by the need to ride a depression to take an unorthodox route that is keeping him well south (for the moment) of the Great Circle route. You can see the difference, which is putting Joyon behind Coville but about 80 miles, here.

Screen Shot 2013-06-13 at 7.45.01 AM

But if anyone can pull off a superhuman, come-from-behind, victory, it is Joyon. So stay tuned via Joyon’s website, the live tracker, and Joyon’s Facebook page.

Here’s Joyon talking about his plans for 2013.


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