Hans Klaar Sails On (And Is Looking For Crew)

17 Jun

Charlie is excited for a couple of sailing movies. I’ve got a really short one that he might like.

Both he and I have long followed the unpredictable and interesting life of Hans Klaar (here, here and here). Klaar is currently on the Portuguese coast, planning to sail his self-built catamaran, Ontong Java, up some rivers as he heads north and beyond. He’s looking for someone to sail with him, so if you are game for an unusual summer internship, email me here.

Here’s Klaar’s description of what he is after: “So if you do know of anyone who would like to do a spot of river and costal excursions in this region of Old Europe, if they are fit, from now till september, then send them to me. Could be interesting over all. Just spare me the wannabes and sleepy heads.”

If you want to get a sense of the vessel involved, here’s a clip of Ontong Java doing her thing that Klaar sent me: “Look no hands! Hahaha. Did 189 miles that day on my way to Portugal from the Azores. You will see that there is no one steering.”


  1. Tom Vogt

    I really enjoy reading anything to do with Hans Klaar. I just wish I or we all could learn more about the crab claw rig he uses it and more important to me, how he is using it in various conditions. Pros and cons and what to do and not to do… things like that. I and I am sure many many others would buy a comprehensive book by him regarding any and everything to do with the rig. There are numerous people who have and are publishing about Junk sails and people are using them but Crab Claw type sails are only written about or used on smaller vessels. Just an idea. Look.forwrd to reading more aboit this incredible sailor

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