25 Jun

Something that really irks me is the sight of a bunch of crappy old sailboats left abandoned in a bay. At some point the owners of these things must have come to terms with the fact that they would never sail them again—that they had no desire to go back and tackle the job of getting them seaworthy again—so why not do something about it? What? I don’t know. But I do know I’d feel like a first class POS if I just left a boat swinging on a mooring with no intention of ever stepping foot on it again. Who is going to remove that thing? Nobody.

There are a couple dozen of these floating around out here—obviously untouched for at least a couple of years. Engine probably seized up, diesel fuel turned to gel, running rigging dry and brittle, barnacles two inches deep. I’m sort of surprised some local fisherman doesn’t go out one breezy night and just slice the mooring lines on these derelicts (as opposed to waiting for mother nature to do it) that make his home bay look like a junk yard.

Not much shaking around here. Headed to Portland in a couple of days to visit Grammy. Not a long trip but we’ve got a problem that Ali and I managed to avoid having throughout our entire adult lives up until now—finding a pet-sitter. Can a fish live six hours in a three ounce shampoo bottle?

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