Calm Mornings

1 Jun

We’ve made no headway on the refrigeration. So that’s out of the way.

Gorgeous calm night, gorgeous calm morning, and gorgeous calm day on the beaches. This bay has a few anchorages on the north end and this one on the south. We had this one all to ourselves. Cruising confounds me at times—one day I’m thinking about where to take the boat to sell it and the next I’m staring at a world map plotting a new route around the world. Boat problems make me think of the selling, calm boat mornings make me think of the world.

Anyway, we had a nice day here. Unfortunately our warming fridge full of food is keeping us on the move. We left tonight right after putting the kids to bed. Yes, Ouest can sleep through the windlass and the chain dumping into the chain locker at her feet. It’s a gift. The sea is a freshly laid blacktop highway right now and we’re hoping—rather confidently—that it will continue through the night.

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