A Puppy

9 Jun

So I forgot to mention that I did finally succeed in getting our AC fridge working again. It’s not working as well as it should, but when plugged in to shore power it really doesn’t have to be. We’re going to be doing a lot of boat work soon and I’m planning on having both systems vacuumed (if that’s the term), as well as replacing a couple of suspect hoses, before filling them up again. In theory our refrigeration system is a pretty good one. It should be capable of keeping our food and beer cold. And now that I’ve learned a bit about how to actually do things right I’m hopeful that I may be able to keep it running cold. If not you’ll just get to continue hearing me complain about it.

June09 14

Today while we were all standing in the shade of a building for a few minutes rest a guy standing nearby handed me a half-eaten packet of cookies to give to the kids. Generous thought, even if the kids weren’t getting the cookies. Then later on Ouest and Ali were in a store that had one of those machines that spit out a plastic egg with a “treasure” inside. Ouest was just standing there looking at it while Ali was paying for her groceries. A man nearby walked up to Ouest and plopped in five pesos. She came home yelling, “Papa, Papa, a man gave me a puppy.” I froze—ready to strangle Ali—for the few seconds it took her to come aboard with her tiny plastic puppy.

This afternoon we went and had pizza and beers with some friends who found our site in 2007 after a nice day on the water in their trailer-sailer when they decided to sail around the world. Google Sail Around the World and six years later you too might be sharing a dock with us in Mexico or points beyond.

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