Thank You, MSC Shipping

1 May

With seven more boats, this picture would have been complete

Hallelujah, the Vega Carina made Barbados from Trinidad late Wednesday, presumably with The Container aboard and its contents of seven 5O5s, masts and sails for another dozen or more boats, and international juror Vicki Gilmour’s rule book.

Unfortunately, Wednesday was a holiday, so even an early arrival would not have meant an offloading, and even an offloading, whenever it happens, won’t mean jack. Because there is no hope of getting The Container unsealed and its contents through Customs in time for Friday’s final race of the SAP 5O5 World Championship. Even if it would be worth it to try, and it wouldn’t. A dark cloud and rain closed out a day of sunshine as the ship came in. Of course.

Some folks have already packed up and gone home, Krysia Pohl, for example, who greeted the news of the impending arrival of the Vega Carina with a wry, “Just in time.” A few other orphans have lucked into rides as replacement crew, and Jeff Miller was “happy” just to get out on a press boat after declaring it his mission to speak against MSC Shipping “for the rest of my days.”

Gosh, Jeff, it’s only time and money. And a lot of both. Figure now that the thing gets shipped back to the West Coast without ever being unsealed, and the sails for various Europeans can be mailed from there.

In other news, a consolidation day moved Stefan Boehm and Gerald Roos to the top of the leaderboard after six races. Got a good story about the race 5 winner, but have to write it for the regatta before I can take more time here. As a great American once said, gotta go.

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