San Juanico

31 May

We moved north up to Caleta San Juanico today mainly because we have been soaking up so much battery power trying to run the AC fridge and squeeze out a degree or two of coolness out of it that our batteries are dead. So instead of running them all day at anchor we just run a couple of hours north to the next beautiful anchorage.

This huge bay is empty and we had the run of the beach today. Lowe promptly gave himself a dead puffer fish needle shot to the bottom of the foot. He’s been having a rough run lately—a few days ago he shoved a nice long sliver into his foot that required all of my strength to remove. The boy was not thrilled about the tweezers coming out and put up one hell of a fight. We got it out though and it was pretty funny to watch him go from blood curdling screaming to happy calm the second he put his weight on his foot again.

We also found this big turtle shell prominently laid up on a sand embankment overlooking the beach. It reminded me of the guy hanging by a noose in the town square to warn off any other ne’er-do-well in the old Western movies.

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