22 May

We walked around Loreto today. There really isn’t much to this town, which is fine because walking around towns with an entourage is always slow going anyway. There is a main road through Loreto that consists of a grocery store (where you will find quite possibly the only Mountain Dew in Mexico) a few restaurants and half a dozen car rental agencies. A block behind that is the pedestrian friendly road with the old Mission and a bunch of knick-knack shops. The kids always like to explore churches but if there are people inside whispering into their folded hands like there was today we keep them out. We did pop into a few of those shops, but I honestly don’t know why—we never buy anything. Who does? Overhead must be dirt cheap.

In the afternoon we drove down the road from the house to a golf resort where we thought we’d poke our head in and see if we could hang out on their beach and drink their booze. We walked into the lobby and were warmly greeted and told we had the run of the place. A nice beach, good food and drink, and an okay pool. And of course about the only people there were the cruisers who just recently discovered this friendly place.

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