Find Sand Dollar Papa

29 May

Motored out of Puerto Escondido today and just a few hours north to Puerto Ballandra where we enjoyed a few days earlier this month. For hours Ouest repeated the phrase, “Me want you to find a sand dollar, Papa.” Cute at first, annoying as hell after number one hundred.

Fortunately I managed to find one. Just one. The last one in the ocean apparently. Got a pretty darn good smile out of that.

Refrigeration is a disaster right now. The engine driven has crapped out on us completely. I’ve no idea why. None. The compressor just cycles on and off over and over again. It never runs continuously. Messing with the refrigerant produced no joy.

So we resigned ourselves to having to use the AC system, which I soon realized wasn’t working either. The refrigerant wasn’t just low, it was gone. Or at least appeared to be. I added some more and seem to have us running again, but we’re now down to half a can of refrigerant.

I have to say that all of the boat issues are wearing me down. Boats always have problems and to-do lists, but I’m getting tired of it. Oh so tired.

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