Crab Prison

16 May

There is no good beach here in Puerto Escondido so today we dinghied out about a mile south to see what we could find. What we found was a shallow, rocky, seaweed covered expanse. So thick with seaweed that we had to shut down the motor and row to shore. The kids didn’t mind though. There was just enough sandy bottom for Lowe to get on his “surfboard” and rock around, and there were tons of hermit crabs for Ouest to play with. Or torture, depending on your view.

We dug the crabs a swimming pool because apparently the ocean isn’t enough. Then when they started to escape from there we began to turn it into a prison, fortifying it with rocks and shells. And when those tenacious buggers still got out we just threw them back in and built bigger walls.

In the afternoon we hit the pool where Lowe continued to grow more daring. He’s now willing to dive without quite holding my hands, instead just diving to my hands. And he doesn’t mind a bit that I don’t catch him enough to keep him from dunking under every time. But when I take him underwater for the sole purpose of taking him under he isn’t too thrilled with me. He’s doing great though, probably right on track with where Ouest was at his age. I’m telling you, we’ve got two Mexican Olympians on our hands here.

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