Random Complaining

3 Mar

I really dislike cleaning this boat. There are just way too many nooks and crannies. This morning I spent ninety minutes washing it and when Ali got back with the kids she stepped aboard, looked around, and asked, “Did you clean the boat?”


Okay, so I missed half of the dodger, and that half had a big pile of bird shit on it, but come on—did I clean the boat.

After the washdown I single-handed the boat a hundred yards to the fuel dock. Yep, you know what this means—time to go. Ali and the kids were off on their morning adventure and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t briefly consider filling up and sailing right out into the Pacific, but instead I returned to the dock, and in a couple of days we’ll all set sail again together.

This afternoon I tried to place an order for a simple replacement toilet seat hinge. Would fit in an envelope no problem. I googled it and had a million places to choose from so I started with the discount marine type places. The part was $7, shipping $15. Uh, no. Next place, shipping was $19. Then another, direct from Jabsco who is apparently off somewhere in some foreign land, at $36! Finally I typed in West Marine where the part was jacked up to $11 but shipping was down to $10. Ten freaking dollars to ship a small envelope. Pathetic. Nobody got my business. I’m just going to use bailing wire and super glue instead.


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