Kickass Video Friday

22 Mar

I've got a vault filling up with good stuff, and the weekend transition day is a good day to start watching.

First up, a teaser for the Global Ocean Race 2014-2015. Who knows if it will really happen, who knows how many boats will show up if it does. But here's what they have in store:

And how about another beautiful kitesurfer, doing her thing, since that seems to be such a popular genre:

Bounded by the Atlantic Ocean from Manuela Jungo on Vimeo.

And finally, we should take note of the fact that the fabulous Francis Joyon just broke the East-West

Transatlantic record. He is now aiming to nail the West-East as well, which would give him the "Grand Slam" of speedsailing–the RTW, the 24 hour, and the 2 Transats. No solo sailor has ever held the three Joyon now holds. So grabbing all four would be an extraordinary achievement, though not that surprising given Joyon's supernatural talents


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