America’s Cup: The Video Race

21 Feb

It's always very hard to tell what is going on inside America's Cup syndicates, unless they, um, break their boat. But sometimes you can get a feel for things by looking at the media they put out. So let's take a video tour.

First up is Oracle, finally back on the water and happy to emphasize that they've got the foiling thing going. They are clawing their way back from their unwelcome sailing hiatus, but if there is a team that has the players and resources to play catch-up, it is Oracle:

Nice to see Artemis out there with them. But if you check in on Artemis' latest video, it seems clear that Artemis

is not happy with what they learned about their AC72 when they matched it up against Oracle. This looks like trouble:

Last, but certainly not least, we travel halfway around the globe to find Emirates Team New Zealand quietly, and with increasing intensity, refining their second AC72 (more pics here): 

So, ETNZ still clearly looking good, Oracle getting back on track and worth keeping an eye on, and Artemis flailing.

And Luna Rossa? Nothing on video since the launch. What should we read into that? 


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