Off Sailing!

20 Dec

I got a call about a week back from a friend of mine who is also boat obsessed and an equally off-the-cuff planner. Turns out since the last time we saw each other she has been sailing on and off with a group of like-minded folks on a small flotilla of old plastic boats. Their latest plan is a Christmas jaunt to the Bahamas for a couple weeks and she was calling to invited me to come along with my boat. Unfortunately my boat is momentarily in regression the cockpit dismantled in order to be painted and the cabin a horrific mess of tools and dust. No way was I going anywhere on my boat. Fortunately, my friend also needs crew. That, I can do. It suits me even better, actually, as I wouldn’t mind letting others take the lead for a change. It will be a proper vacation.

A Cal 2-29 which is probably much prettier looking than the one in out fleet!

The trip has come together in a wonderfully haphazard way- as I write this it’s now 3am and my plane leaves in just a few hours on a ticket I bought on the cheap two days ago. I’ll be flying into Fort Lauderdale and making my way up to Lake Worth to meet my friend and her crew. They’re incommunicado at the moment but I’ve been assured they’ll find a way to charge a phone before I can get to them. Then we’re off.

We being, well, I’m not quite sure – I believe there are three boats coming along, a Cal 2-29, a Tartan 30 and another which I’ve forgotten, all plastic boats from the 1970’s. I’m equally spotty on the where – I think we’re headed for Grand Bahama and then we’ll hook our way around and South to the Biminis before returning to South Florida. Or maybe that will change before I arrive. That’s the great part about being crew – all I know for sure is that by the time you’re reading this I’ll be sailing (assuming I’ve got this blog scheduling thing figured out) and that’s all I need to know!

A Tartan 30 beautifully under sail

Merry Christmas

This article was syndicated from Safe At Harbour But Meant For The Sea: DIY Sailing with Paul Calder


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