Kitesurf Craziness Down At Luderitz

10 Dec

Okay, so Paul Larsen and SailRocket finally stole the outright speed record back from the kitesurfers, putting sailors back on top. 

But that doesn't mean they will stay there forever, or for long. Because the kitesurfers are down at the Luderitz speed ditch, which is also in Namibia, and the wind is starting to blow. Wind speeds today are 30-35 knots and building, and we're seeing 50-plus knots speed runs. (Best place to follow along is on Facebook).

Larsen is sitting on an outright record of 65.45 knots, so he is probably not sweating as much as he would be if he had just pipped kitesurfer Rob Douglas' old record of 55.65 knots. The game has now moved into the 60-70 knots zone, and we'll see if the kiters can get there and survive. But if they do, it will be thanks to a custom-made speed trench which takes the kiters even further away from what is normally understood to be "sailing."

Regardless, it is pretty cool, and definitely built for speed. Here's an inside look:


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