26 Oct

For just $20,000 you can participate in a re-creation of the Shackleton Epic  (with modern communications, safety gear, and central heating). For $20,000 do you think you'll be eating fancy cruise food? No, you will eat seal livers for the entire duration of the cruise, seal livers cooked over a fire of seal blubber. Just when you've had enough of seal livers, guess what you get to eat next? More seal livers. Several cruise members will have their toes amputated under primitive conditions,  all will be marooned on Elephant Island for an Antarctic winter, then will get to observe (from a safe distance on the mother ship with central heating) a re-creation  of the small boat journey from Elephant Island to South Georgia Island. After finishing the voyage in Rio de Janeiro (England is so dreary ) all will be drafted into World War I to die on the battlefields of Flanders.




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