Are You Ready For The Vendee Globe?

26 Oct

Political junkies may be focused on that other four year thing. But sailing junkies are justifiably focused on the Vendee Globe, which sets off Nov. 10 (four days after that other competition ends).

Why? Well, check out this trailer for a documentary about the 2008 Vendee and you will understand:

You can find out all about the 20 skippers, the boats, and the details of he race on the Vendee Globe site. But

this historical perspectve from race director Denis Horeau:

“First of all, many things have not changed, cannot change and will not change I hope; the route, which is the most difficult and the principle, the DNA of the race, which is single-handed, around the world, without assistance and non-stop. This makes it as clear as it is difficult.”

“What has changed is exactly what has changed in society. What I like about the Vendée Globe is that it is the mirror of society. What has changed is man and technology, man because we are not the same as we were 23 years ago; man now are sportsmen, before they were sailors, they are technicians now too, their knowledge of technology is so much more developed than it was. They are expert now in 25 domains as they were experts in five before. Some of them have become real sportsmen like Armel Cléach’h, Jean-Pierre Dick or Vincent Riou, they run, they bike, they ski, their physical preparation is really important thing to them. They where they were only sailors before, although excellent sailors.

Horeau sees 1989-2000 as the age of adventure and from 2000 as the age of the professionalism, but feels we are entering a new era now and is uncertain what it will bring.

I don't know what it will bring either, and that's part of the suspsense. And I don't really have any favorites among the skippers because what they do once ths starting gun bangs off is what will define them in my eyes.

I do know, however, that it will bring drama. Always has. Always will. So settle in and get ready for the ride.



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