J-Boat Bonanza

28 Sep

Whatever you may say about our modern era of high finance and extreme wealth it is rejuvenating the most classic and revered era of yacht racing and design: the J-boat era (which also thrived at a time of extreme wealth, the 1930s).

The result is that you've got an active J-class, and some pretty awesome racing. And that means the rest of us, i.e. those of us who aren't billionaires, can play the voyeur.

For example, you can go aboard Ranger:

The really interesting thing, though, is how some owners, builders, and J-boat enthusiasts went back into

history to re-create one of sailing's most important eras.

Here, for example, is the story of Velsheda, the English J-boat that was restored and became a feature of sailing on the Solent (I saw her around Cowes many times, and it was always a thrill).


Lots more here. Have you got a boater and a fortune you'd like to spend down?


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