Big Moves

27 Sep

My new home:

A couple of days ago  my girlfriend and I marked the end of a very busy week with a midnight bicycle ride up to the boat. It was a quiet, nearly windless night and it seemed a shame to break this stillness so the engine was left uncranked as we eased out of my slip and past the marina breakwater. We sailed out into Lake Pontchartrain, reaching on no particular course until the wan glow of electric lights gave way to crisp moonlight. We dropped anchor, exhausted and grinning like fools, and squeezed into the tiny berth for a surprisingly restful night’s sleep. I awoke to bright sun and the sound of wavelets slapping on the hull, feeling more excited than I’ve ever been before for the act of making breakfast. This was my first time using my new kitchen. A half hour later, after a quick swim, we stuffed ourselves on bacon and eggs and resolved to spend the rest of the day lounging, with maybe just a hint of sailing. Soon after our friends on Margaret came to find us and we did just that.
I got a few shots of my boat, finally

 It may not seem like much of an outing but it felt pretty momentous to me- after two years of work I was finally moved onto my boat. It was a milestone I’ve been thinking about for a much longer time than I expected!
Of course the boat is still (eternally?) a work in progress but it’s finally functional in quite a few ways, the kitchen including two-burner stove and refrigerator is up and running, I have the inverter/charger wired up to shore power and there a couple lights and even a fan. In short, it’s comfortably live-able and as this was my plan all along I decided now was as good a time as any to make my move. I think it will be a very productive choice, and so far it’s very pleasant there are few things in this world as relaxing as the light motion of a small boat in calm water and the rhythmic slapping of halyards on the mast and waves on the hull.
The kitchen

Fridge and sink, with half-finished wiring…

My ‘office’

…and the real office is up forward where I have all my tools and the stuff that still need installing

Ready to go to work

This article was syndicated from Safe At Harbour But Meant For The Sea: DIY Sailing with Paul Calder


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