Best Sailing Movies Ever: Classics Edition

25 Sep

My Netflix queue is now fat with allegedly great sailing movies, and yours can be too.

After yesterday's post on the Top Ten Sailing Movies (at least as designated by the denizens of Sailing Anarchy), I've been getting lots of additional suggestions. And they look pretty good, though they definitely reach back a little deeper in the the sailing movie archive. 

So here's another Sailing Movie List (sorry, Pat): Classics Edition.

Number 1, and this could be the overall number 1 in my view is: Captains Courageous.

Then we've got, for your viewing pleasure, the Melville classic Billy Budd. Here's a great scene:


Staying with the maritime law classics, we naturally turn to Mutiny On The Bounty (Marlon Brando version):

AND, Oscar-winning Clark Gable version:


And no one should consider temselves a sailing movie connoiseur without bringing Captain Horatio Hornblower into the conversation:

Then, of course, we've got John Wayne in Wake Of The Red Witch, billed as "The Lustiest Love Story On The Seven Seas":

But if you prefer Anthony Quinn you should check out A High Wind In Jamaica:


Last, but not least, we've got The Crimson Pirate, starring Burt Lancaster:

Okay, that's a lot of sailing on film. My work here is done (unless someone wants to open up a new category so I can make another list. Best Sailing Cartoons?). Happy viewing.

(Big thanks to JC, SY, and JR for the suggestions).


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