Red Sky in the Morning, Sailors Take Warning – Isaac on its way

27 Aug

Well just twenty-four hours ago this storm was barely relevant to New Orleans and now Tropical Storm Isaac is plastered all over the news. For now I can report that the weather is quite nice, and Lake Ponchartrain was exquisite for sailing until just this afternoon.

When we get word around Sunday evening that New Orleans was likely to take a direct hit people started to think about candles and tying things down in the yard. Well, tomorrow, or the day after, mostly. For reasons that seem suspiciously related to a certain anniversary rather than this storm in particular it looks like Isaac is all over the national consciousness but poeple around the city don’t seem particularly worried. People are just getting ready. Some are evacuating but most seem to be staying.  It’s going to be wet, it’s going to be very, very windy, and I’m sure some of the city will go dark for a bit, but shouldn’t be too bad. If you’re in a house, that is. But there’s no way in hell I’m going to keep my boat in the city with potential hurricane conditions.

Anyway this all was but a vague concern until Sunday night so we didn’t have much time to get ready. When it started to look like the storm, whatever strength, was likely to hit New Orleans dead on I started thinking about a run to the Northshore. Fortunately there was a very confident window of around 24 hours or nice weather, but no time to dawdle. At eleven I found a bunch of friends out and started rounding up crew. We finally got on the water around 2am, sailed all night and came back to New Orleans for 2pm so my crew can get their homes preperared. Quite a night. I need to get back on the boat tomorrow to really get things ready but right now all I want in the world is sleep. Here’s your update.

Bayou Castine, much safer than the city


Oh, and on our way back into the city today, I heard a Katrina story from a friend who was working with a film crew just before the storm (on other things). After the mandatory evacuation was called they ran into then-mayor Ray Nagin who apparently yelled at them ‘What the hell are you doing here? Get the %&$* out of the city! This time around Mayor Mitch hasn’t even called for an evacuation. Just saying.

More to come, if I can get on the internet. For now, sleep………..

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