More of Summer Life in Puerto Vallarta

13 Aug

We've spent the past couple of summers in Puerto Vallarta. It's where both of our kids were born and it's where we're happy. So when we aren't on the boat cruising Mexico this is where we call home. Ouest calls both the boat and the condo we rent for the summer months, "Home."


I always go into the summer with grand plans to bang out the boat list. Get lots of work done and be ready for next season. Of course once summer rolls around and we're off the boat I find it awfully hard to get motivated to clean a bilge or change a water pump. It'll get done eventually. Probably when we're back on the boat, which is sort of stupid really, but hey, it is what it is. As for the long expanse of non-essentials on the boat list, well those are all pretty well forgotten. Another season is right around the corner. If we made it this long with or without whatever it is we can certainly make it one more season.


And so we just continue to bum around PV. When locals ask us where we're from we never quite know what to say. "Aqui."


Bumfuzzle Family

Puerto Vallarta Old Town

Puerto Vallarta Views

Puerto Vallarta Plaza



Biking in Puerto Vallarta


Puerto Vallarta Malecon

Lucha Libre Mask

What Are You Looking At



L at the Beach


Puerto Vallarta Sunday Night Dancing

O and L

Papa and L Swim

Puerto Vallarta Cathedral

Puerto Vallarta Old Town

Mary Poppins

Best Street Taco in PV

Molly Riding

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Shoe Shine Kit

Puerto Vallarta Centro Rainfall



Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta Centro




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