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17 Aug
Doesn’t this look FUN?

Part of what excited me about this blog was the extra incentive it gave me to thoroughly document the repair process on my boat, and to write about it. There’s still plenty of work to be done and quite a backlog to write up but a good deal of progress has already been made and documented. As the blog format makes it a bit of a pain to track down past posts, I’m creating this index. I’ll keep it updated and link to it, and I’ll try to add stuff from the other sailfeed bloggers as it comes along.

Note: Click on the links, not the pictures.

On Deck:

Replacing Rotten Deck Core

Part II – Repairing and Sealing Minor Damage
Anatomy of a Water-Damaged Deck (Background Information)
Replacing Rotten Deck Core Part II

Replacing Rotten Deck Core Part I

Making Your Own Chainplates

Choosing your Materials
Cutting and Drilling

Making Chainplates – Video

Replacing the Cockpit Sole

A New Cockpit Sole Part I
Cockpit Sole Part II


Patching the Hull (Take this info with a grain of salt – it was very early on in the process)

Grinding Old Thruhulls
Patching the Holes
Touching Up the Patches
Fairing the Patches

Beefing up a cheap masthead tri-color

Installing Deck Hardware





Systems and Hardware

Repairing Leaking Aluminum Tanks 

Pressure Testing the Tanks
Repairing the Tanks With Epoxy




Rainy Day Winch Surgery

Technical Information

 Fiberglassing and Epoxy Basics

Fairing in Hot Weather
Making A Simple Fiberglass Mold
A Few Useful Links
Hose Clamps Info
Galvanic Corrosion

Synthetic Rigging for the Rest Of Us?
Cheating with ‘Great Stuff!’

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