There’s Something About Wood And Canvas

27 Apr

Hi-tech carbon fiber boats have their own beauty. But why is it that classic boats, built of traditional materials, have the power to evoke such a powerful yearning for simplicity and a simpler time? 

That's the question that comes to mind when I watch this video that marks the vanishing of traditional boat design in the Caribbean. It's impossible not to feel that we are losing something very important.

Here's the backstory, via Pressure Drop:

This "trailer" is for a documentary film that is still in production, estimated completion by winter 2013.

Shot in Carriacou in the Grenadines, where the last Caribbean boatbuilders maintain a tenuous grip on their traditional skills. In St. Barth's where the smuggling trade in liquor & cigarettes thrived. And Antigua where the Carriacou vessels race each year among vintage yachts in the Classic Regatta.

Mixed with rare archive film, interviews with the last old Caribbean sea captains – the movie combines dramatic sailing footage with narration and an original soundtrack to tell the story of the Vanishing Sail of the West Indies.


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