J/125 TIMESHAVER Sailing Fast Video- PV Race

10 Apr

J/125 offshore racer TIMESHAVER sailing fast* The J/125 TIMESHAVER sailed by “Viggo and the boys” had one remarkable trip from SoCal to PV in the latest edition of the San Diego to Puerto Vallarta Race to Mexico.  For a few days, they “sent it”, or as some Volvo guys keep referring to, they kept “sending it down the mineshaft”.  A reference to going so fast, so far down the face of huge waves you simply bury the bow into the wave front-wall in front of you and keep submarining!  The J/125, thankfully, has a bit more reserved buoyancy in the bow to keep it rolling along on a screaming plane in even the craziest of sailing conditions offshore– not our view, but the perspective of dozens of offshore sailors who’ve grown to love the sailing properties of another “classic” high-performance J/Boat.  The J/125 has perhaps achieved some degree of “legendary” status for being a boat you can push forever and it just keeps on forgiving you with yet another burst over another wave to blast along at 20+ knots without crashing!  You’ll enjoy this video from the J/125 TIMESHAVER gang that just wouldn’t call it quits.  See more of the J/125 TIMESHAVER YouTube video

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