Cool LED Retrofit

11 Apr

The LED "revolution" is sweeping the boating world. Installing LED lights means less power to get more light, smaller lights, smaller wire, tiny switches, and less weight. I'm not running out to replace all my lights with LEDs, but when I have to replace a light anyway, I replace it with an LED.

If you've got the kind of florescent light  pictured above (I've got three on my boat) it might be tempting to replace it with an LED strip, but the then you've got the stained footprint and screw holes from the old fixture to contend with. 

My customer just gutted the florescent fixture and replaced the bulbs with LED strips, using the original switch…and I will do the same someday.

It's not touted much for interior marine LED lights, but any time you can get "warm white," "natural sun," or  some such color, this will give a much more soothing light than "blinding white," "hospital OR," or whatever the regular bright LED puts out, which is about the same as a bluish death florescents I seek to be rid of. 


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