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24 Apr

Hi there! It has been very interesting these past few months to see which blog posts have attracted attention vs. those that have been less interesting for you folks. I was quite surprised to see that my post raving about West System and Hamilton Marine, which I really wasn’t sure anyone would find interesting, was ‘shared’ on facebook quite a few times (well, relatively, that is. I’ve still got a little ways to go before I catch up with Lady Gaga…). It might be nice to imagine my stories are so enthralling that everyone is just dying to share the one about that time I ordered some stuff over the phone but I’m guessing  that wasn’t really the reason this post caught people’s eyes. Was it the links on epoxy repair information that you folks thought were worth reading? If that’s the case and links to DIY repair info are something you would like to see more of here, please let me know! I’ll try and include more in my posts and might even be able to set up a links list that could be better organized.

In general, I (and the other bloggers, I’m sure) would love to hear if there’s something you liked and want to see more of here, or even if you you thought something was really quite boring! It’s easy to add your questions/comments to the posts, just use the form at the bottom of the page. You need to be registered but it’s painless, I promise. Then we can give you more of what you like to read and bore you as little as possible.

This article was syndicated from Safe At Harbour But Meant For The Sea: DIY Sailing with Paul Calder


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