Loick Peyron Talks Sailing

5 Mar

Good interview with VSail. Here's just a taste:

VSail.info: So, what is the most important factor in beating such a record? Is it luck, the boat, the weather, the crew?

Loïck Peyron: The weather. Optimal weather conditions can allow you to beat the record, even with older boats.

VSail.info: You rounded the world in 45 days. Do you envision the record being brought down to less than 40 days?

Loïck Peyron: Of course. It can even go lower. Twenty years ago we couldn’t grasp the possibility of rounding the world in 80 days. I was there, with my brother and Blake and we were wondering what we could do in order to bring the record to less than 80 days. That was the limit back then and we now have 45 days. The only issue is the weather. Depressions have a given speed and in the southern hemisphere we cannot go faster than them. We can go faster but we stumble in the mild weather systems and transitions are very difficult because you have light winds, in general. That’s where we can have a factor that blocks the record attempts but, in decreasing order of importance, gains will come from weather management, or the luck to have a weather that is 100% favorable, and the fact to shorten distances.

Read the whole thing. Peyron is a superstar, and has an admirable attitude about sailing and life.

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