Volvo Ocean Race Having Fun (Not) At Sea Again

21 Feb

Here's what you need to know.

1) They had another weird start/restart arrangement that was head-scratching and not really worth understanding. The important thing is that PUMA got snakebit (again), and are struggling to stay in contact.

2) The whole fleet is getting their asses kicked (again) by the pleasures of sailing to windward in the pumping monsoon, confused seas, and devilish currents of the South China Sea.

3) Camper is the only team that is managing to challenge Telefonica's superiority, and keep this thing at all alive as a competition.

4) Real downwind, Volvo-style ocean racing will (finally!) appear on the next Leg, from Auckland to Itajai, Brazil. Hopefully enough boats will survive the Asian beating to make it fun to watch. (Check current fleet positions here).



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