Reefer Woes Continue

10 Feb

(Feb. 2) Refer guy was out to the boat again today. After a couple hours of work we finally determined that there is something wrong with the compressor. So I’ve got to remove that and get it into a shop to be repaired before we can finish that fun little project.

Got an e-mail from the welder. He sent pictures of the davits but said he wasn’t happy with one of them. Something about the bend. He had to have these tubes bent at some place in Guadalajara because he doesn’t have a machine big enough for this size tubing. So we’re still just waiting on that project as well.

Basically two weeks here and not one thing has been accomplished. Feeling a bit frustrated at the moment.

Lowe is not sleeping well at all lately for some unknown reason, and that isn’t making life any easier either. It seems like every moment of every day is a struggle for us all of the sudden and we just can’t seem to shake the mood and get into a better groove. We both know this happens sometimes with life on a boat though and that miraculously things always look a lot brighter once the dock lines finally get untied.

Or better yet, Ali’s entire family is coming to Sayulita in just two days. A week with family on the beach should solve our woe is me attitude.


(Feb. 3) Took the compressor off today so I can bring that in tomorrow morning. And hey, I almost finished wiring the alternator. That’s it. Oh, and I got a haircut. No beer this time, and no CEO styling either. Thus, no story.

Lowe is just about sitting up on his own now. Just today he suddenly seemed to find his balance. Before when you set him on his butt it was just a matter of seconds before he either folded himself in half by falling forward or he made an awkward sideways tumble that ended with arms in weird places and face flat on the floor. Now he’s getting it. Sitting up is a fun step. Crawling is next. And then my personal favorite, walking.

Have I mentioned what a sweet little boy he is? Seriously, even at his toughest, which is right now, trust me Ali just came out of his room after a two hour bedtime lay down, he is sweet. He can see Ali or I across a room and with one little smile from us he gives us a full faced open mouthed smile back. And when I feel like hearing a laugh out of him it takes nothing more than rubbing my face on his belly. He’s great.

( Feb. 4) First thing in the morning I took the compressor in for service. The guys dropped what they were doing and went right to work on it. A couple hours later I swung back through and they showed me the piece they had replaced. It looked like some sort of bearing or clutch disc of some sort. I really have no idea, but it spins freely and the whole thing only cost forty dollars, so we’ll just have to see.

Then in the afternoon after the kids’ naps we took off for Sayulita. Ali’s entire family was already there waiting for us. We moved in to our new digs just up on the hill directly over the surf break and a two block walk to the town square. Sweet.

We had a nice evening together, Ali opened up our suitcase full of goodies, we had a really good dinner on the beach, and then everyone went to bed. Everyone except me. I had a rental car and an empty boat. Something needed to be accomplished.

Back at the boat I fixed up some cabling that was bothering me in the battery compartment, finished wiring up the alternator, and installed the compressor. Right away I noticed that the belt wasn’t sitting on the compressor correctly. The wheel that it sits in was all bent up, apparently from the guys that worked on it.

I left it on and started the engine to test out the alternator. It worked. Okay, good. Then the belt connecting the engine and the compressor flew off. Not so good. But not unexpected either. I crawled back in there with a big screwdriver and hammer and went to work. Surprisingly it bent back into shape fairly easily. I put the belt back on and fired up the engine again.

The belt stayed on for a minute so I went and turned the power for the refrigerator on. Immediately a loud metallic chainsaw type noise blasted out of the compressor. Power that back off and reassess. Okay, so it’s still broken. The question now is, did I just break it again by banging on it with a hammer? Or did what they think they fixed really not have anything to do with that noise? I’ve no idea at this point, and really don’t have a strong understanding of just what the heck happens inside that compressor when I click that power on anyway, so troubleshooting it is a bit tough.

It was nearly midnight and I had to drive back to Sayulita. End of refrigerator woes for the day.

Sayulita Family


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