Volvo Race, Leg 3, Stage 2, Segment 6, Leg Start

22 Jan

I'm kidding about the Segment 6 part. But it is weird to see the Volvo, once a truly global race with just four stops, being broken down into nibble-sized bites. Hopefully, that's not a sponsor strategy that will be repeated in the future. But it's obvious marketing has overwhelmed the sailing for now.

That's probably something that will be on the sailors' mind as they bash their brains out going to weather for most of the 2000 miles to Sanya, China. It's not until the fleet gets to Auckland that there will be the prospect of a traditional, downwind, Southern Ocean, Volvo leg. Though at least we have all six boats racing together again.

Most Volvo sailors swear they will never do the race again when they arrive at the finish. Normally, they

quickly forget that pledge and sign up for another tour. I wonder, though, how many of the sailors will really mean it this time.

Here's the video summary of the (re-)start.



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