The Paul Cayard Story

23 Jan

No, he is not dead, or even retired.

But Sail-World has published Part 1 (though it might have come from Pressure Drop; it's really hard to tell) of a series that tells Cayard's history in the sport: how he got started, where his love of sailing took him, what he thought about the major campaigns he has been involved in. It's also got some sweet pictures of a young Cayard.

Here's Cayard on the 1983 America's Cup:

“ Americas Cup teams back then were extremely lean, our shore crew was exactly one person. We did major surgery ourselves to save money. Defender went into the shed twice. Once we cut it literally in ½ and bent it up because of a minimum displacement penalty. The other time it was to replate the whole aft section, the bustle area. The crew had to completely refair and refinish the boat between rounds of races. It involved a lot of long boarding and a substance called Fark Rock. I was the guy in charge of the bottom, the “Bottom Specialist”.

Paul continues, ”We would race a series, get nine days off. Eight of those were spent in the shed with the dust mask on and we didn’t get paid a nickel…but we loved it. We had our tee shirts with the team logo, and our pay was to be on the team and being able to go down to the Candy Store at night and try to fish some chicks out of the bar… that’s how we were remunerated… and the gym was completely optional, you kind of went if you weren’t too hung over.” But there were other sacrifices as well. Paul had fallen for Uki Petterson, daughter of Pelle and they were dating, but girls were not allowed to live in the crew house. “So I had to sell my one possession, my Camaro, in order to have enough money to pay rent, so I could work for the team for free” he laughs.” They were really good salesmen back then.”

Check out the whole thing, which has lots of other good nuggets. And here's a vid of Cayard reminiscing. 

Here's what Cayard is up to now. Dealing with Larry and a whole new Cup format is going to add an interesting chapter. 


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