Royal Royal Yacht?

24 Jan

Well, seems the English people, or at least the Daily Mail, yearn to see their Royal Family once again conducting their royal business from aboard a Royal Yacht.

So the Daily Mail is campaigning to build a new Royal Yacht that, I have to admit, is veddy, veddy, impressive. And if only the Queen will give her endorsement, the Royal Mail will magnanimously gather a wide assortment of donors and build her Royal Highness a new barky.

Here's the Daily Mail, waxing romantic about its patently self-promoting, I mean patriotic, idea:

It will be a great tribute to one of the most remarkable sovereigns in our history and the greatest river pageant this country has seen since the reign of Charles II.

But it will also serve as a great reminder of Britain’s maritime heritage.

The reasons why most of the world speaks English, why much of the world still has Queen Elizabeth II as head of state, why world time is calibrated from Greenwich – they all derive from the fact that the British Isles have been exceptionally good at producing bold and brilliant seafarers.

And we still do. From our magnificent medal-draped Olympic yachting team to our round-the-world heroes to the global marine industry which is still  domiciled here and forms a substantial part of our economy, we are very much a seafaring nation.

And that is why the Mail has been proud to lead the campaign for a new national flagship which we launched last October. This ingenious ship will embody all the great attributes of the former Royal Yacht Britannia, which proved such a successful diplomatic and commercial ambassador for Britain for almost half a century. But the new flagship will do much more besides.

And here's the design, which is well worth a perusal (click image for full size). 

Say, wouldn't it be easier to simply buy the Maltese Falcon?



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