North to Puerto Vallarta

18 Jan

(Jan.13) So what would the problem of the day be on this fine Mexican Friday? We woke up with no problems, everyone was in a good mood and ready for some breakfast. Seeing as how the fridge didn't get very cold the night before because of the engine overheating issue we decided to fire up the engine this morning and cool it down. 

All was well for the first half hour or so, then we both started to think, "Does something sound different?" Pretty soon it was obvious something was making a weird, sort of indescribable background whistling noise. I went to shut the engine down while Ali clicked the refrigerator compressor off. The instant she did the noise was gone. Okay, so what's wrong with the fridge compressor? I hopped in to take a look and about the only thing I can tell is that it appears to be empty of refrigerant. There is a sight glass and looking inside of it I can't see a thing. Looks bone dry. 
So I got out the manual to see if there was anything I could do. Reading that only assured me that I couldn't do a damn thing about it. All sorts of special tools are involved with valves and pressures and all the rest. So even if I had been able to locate a big can of refrigerant I wouldn't be able to do anything with it.
Okay, so now what? We took a look at the weather and saw that we've got maybe a thirty six hour weather window to move north in light head winds before they strengthen for a week straight. We've no desire to be stuck in Chamela with no refrigeration for a minimum of a week, so tomorrow we head north.
We've got so much to do in P.V. that it hurts my brain to even think about it. This has been one heck of a shakedown cruise.
(Jan.14) We got underway early this morning with five knots of wind, and for most of the day that's all we had, motorsailing in calm seas with an annoying swell bobbing our nose up and down. And that's about all there is to say about our fifty mile trip today. And for that I am thankful. Nothing broke, the kids slept for long stretches at a time, we saw a few dolphins and a whale, we anchored, we ate, and it was still only five o'clock. That's a successful day aboard Bumfuzzle.
Tomorrow we round Cabo Corrientes again. Let's hope it is as forgiving as it was last time.
(Jan. 15) Well we're back. Beaten up, but not beaten. We motored north around the Cape today without any problems at all. Light headwinds all day. We pulled back in to Paradise Village in the afternoon with a boat project list a mile long. Some things more important than others, but man would it feel good to get this list rattled off so we could start a new one all over again next month. 
Cabo Corrientes on a nice day.


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